MAILsweeper tools

ASTPS features effective spam signatures, uri DNSBL's (DNS BlackLists), sender IP DNSBL's, fast parallel querying, whitelisting and typically a very low false positive rate. ASTPS can detect messages created by malware.
The commercial release of ASTPS is available, please visit

HeaderManager. This tool supports removal of entire headers, removal of header values, replacement of header values and adding new headers.
The commercial release of HM is available, please visit

Msw Save 0.00, Saves parts of messages as offered by Mailsweeper to the Msw Save executable.
Diagnostic tool to see what exactly a virus scanner is (not) detecting. Use it if you have problems with malware or messages going through.

SW 0.00k, a flexible Spool Watcher.
SW can execute an alerting application when too many files are found in specified directories, i.e. sending a mail-to-sms message to your mobile phone. It was created to allow notification to the administrator when 'severe' ZIP DoS attacks occur, but it also serves well as a general spool directory monitor, even for use with other mail programs.

ZHC 0.03, a ZIP header checker for detection of malicious ZIP attacks:
While this tool cannot prevent ZIP denial of service attacks, it can let an administrator know that one has been attempted. It also allows the administrator to save the message for further investigation. ZHC can execute an alerting application (in case msw is too busy), i.e. sending a mail-to-sms message to your mobile phone.

Expression list for detection of docm (Word macro) malware called ShellHide:
Include selected data types: Document, Text file (TXT).


uri DNSBL providers:

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